About Us

Tisanas Orquidea is a traditional family company established in Bogota, Colombia since 1983.

The company began with the production of aromatic herbs, and today has an extensive portfolio of products with sugar cane, natural herbs and teas, fulfilling demanding quality standards that have guaranteed us a solid reputation in the local market.

Our mission is to offer an innovative range of natural, healthy and delicious foods as an alternative to a low calorie diet, free of refined sugars and trans fats.

We have a highly trained team, which allows us
to continue to innovate with different products
and create new infusions for you.

Social responsability

Conscious of the importance of contributing to the national agro-industry in an honest and sustainable way, our values have always been focused on fair trade with farmers located mainly in the Andean region of the country, to whom we guarantee a support price.
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Weconnect International is a global non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the economic growth of enterprises owned and managed by women.

As a company certified with the Women Owned label granted by that organization, we have access to important multinational companies interested in our products through local and international business fairs and we have formed in our country a dynamic and inclusive network of enterprising women among whom we support to be successful entrepreneurs..

If you are interested or you know any businesswoman who may be, contact:

Colombo American Chamber of Commerce



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