We are aware of the importance of contributing to local agriculture in a honest and sustainable way

Social responsibility

Our values have always been focused on fair trade with farmers located mainly in the Andean region of the country, to whom we guarantee a price of support.

All fruits, herbs and sugar of our products are acquired from local farmers, seeking to implement chains of environmental value and to promote the social inclusion. Likewise, we are constantly working to provide training in good agricultural practices and advice on crop technology.

We annually market about 1250 tons of panela (sugar cane product) from small mills in the region and 60 tons of fresh herbs from local producers.

We have set ourselves the short-term goal of obtaining the Fair Trade certification, which reflects our policy on decent working conditions and raw materials purchased at a fair price, which guarantees the sustainable development of the Colombian countryside.



We work to strengthen the small farmer whose development has been affected by various factors such as climate change, lack of competitiveness in the market, and environmental effects produced by extensive monocultures.

It is in our hands to support local and family farming through the conscious purchase of raw materials and thus energize the Colombian agricultural trade. We cannot lose sight of the great potential we have in this area thanks to the richness of our land and the variety of our climates. Not by accident, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) states that Colombia will be one of the main food pantries in the middle of this century.