Miracle Green Tea

Where does it come from? China.

How do you make it? Infusion 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

How is it served? Hot and without milk.

Green tea, belonging to the select list of “super foods”, for several decades evokes well-being, health and longevity.
There will always be a reason to drink green tea, either for its digestive properties, to lose weight, for its herbal flavor or as a healthy supplement for other beverages such as soda or coffee. The scientific community does not cease to find properties to this drink.

Why is this tea so special?

Green tea, unlike other kinds of tea has a lesser industrial process. As it is neither wilted nor oxidized, it retains its antioxidant properties.

Due to its elaboration and nature, this variety of tea has been attributed its effectiveness in reducing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes thanks to population studies of highly consuming segments of green tea. Thus, leading researchers have concluded that “regular use of tea, a widely available, tasty and economical beverage, has been shown to have valuable preventative properties in chronic human diseases.”
In addition to this, for those who are interested in including green tea in their daily diet to reduce measures, it has been proved that green tea is a thermogenesis agent, which means that it helps the body to burn fat naturally.

Finally, keep in mind other important properties of green tea …

– Because of its vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene content, in addition to preventing cancer, it helps to maintain a healthy skin, strengthens the immune system and prevents respiratory diseases, cataracts and cavities.
– Thanks to the high content of catechins in a cup of green tea, its daily consumption lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and prevents the spread of bacteria.

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