Easy Tea

Our Easy tea, a mixture of green tea, red tea, spirulina and lemon, is full of fresh and contrasting flavors. In addition, this tea has thermo caloric properties that will help you lose weight, thanks to the green and red teas´ properties. Its freshness and contrast of flavors will charm you.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Regularly

Green tea has a high content of antioxidants and properties in its composition that reduce cholesterol, body fat and regulate sugar levels, it also has stimulating and energizing properties that make it a healthier alternative to coffee consumption.


Benefits of consuming spirulina

In addition to its renowned slimming properties, spirulina is considered a superfood. It works as an excellent dietary supplement thanks to its vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids.

Benefits of consuming red tea

Red tea, besides being known for its multiple slimming properties, is attributed the properties of strengthening the immune system and increase the activity of the nervous system favoring concentration and mental agility, qualities that make it ideal to start the day.